Nice to meet you.

My name is Richard Porter. 

I’m a freelance writer & copyeditor. If you’re interested in these services, please email me.

I’m based in the Seattle area. I’ve been a professional writer since 2017. I’m a generalist. I’ve written about travel, civic issues, parenting, coffee, and nonprofits. 

My Philosophy:

Tell the truth but tell it slant,” said the New England Mystic.

I don’t see things like other people see things. I do deep dives into the microfiche. When I pull into town, I try to find books on the Native Americans who originally inhabited the place. I quiz the locals on topography. I visit the bowling alleys and keep my eyes peeled. Dives are more appealing to me than modern strip malls. I like to soak up sensory experiences — because that’s what needs to come through in my prose. That’s pretty much my whole angle.

I compulsively take notes and I never miss deadlines.

My writing has appeared on the following publications & websites.

1889 Washington’s Magazine – ParentMap – Live in EverettSnohomish County Tourism – Scenic WA – Fulcrum Coffee – The Everett Farmers Market – Nonprofit AF

I write and publish my own books.


Everett Herald – Live in Everett – LIEv Podcast




It was a pleasure working with Richard! He was prompt, thoughtful, creative, and collaborative. My writing made an obvious improvement because of his skill and expertise. I felt like all my suggestions and ideas were thoughtfully considered and respected. My text became clear and easy to read after Richard’s edits. I hope to work with … Continue reading Clear & easy to read

Clear & easy to read

Richard provided editing service for my memoir, “Palsy: The Curious Adventures of My Half Handicapped Life.” I appreciated Richard’s attention to detail, commenting on grammatical and word usage errors, as well as his ability to provide feedback on my book as a whole. Richard was able to answer thematic questions and help me solidify ideas … Continue reading Attention to detail

Attention to detail